Rental of premises

We are offering you a chance to establish your business in the class B office building Zirmunu Verslo Centras. Zirmunu Verslo Centras is a modern complex of offices located on grounds bordering Zirmunu and Verkiu Streets in the strategically convenient and rapidly expanding Zirmunu district.

Only at Zirmunu Verslo Centras:

  • You will find an ecological work environment without traffic noise or pollution.
  • The local commercial activity will not interfere with your work.
  • Your neighbours will be information and engineering companies and the entire environment will be adapted for the conducting of these activities.

What we offer:

  • Ecologically clean surroundings. No smog or traffic noise.
  • A fully operational and orderly building and environment.
  • Effective building administration and supervision.
  • Convenient access and a completely finished infrastructure.
  • A spacious car park.
  • An open car park for visitor vehicles.
  • A modern central air conditioning system with fan coils.
  • An air supply/exhaust system with a recuperative heat exchanger.
  • Certified telecommunications and data transmission networks with category 5 cables.
  • The grounds and offices are protected 24 hours a day by physical security and video monitoring and access control as well as by burglary and fire systems.
  • An opportunity to lease storage space in the business centre’s basement.
  • A pleasant and convenient location for your work.

More information:

Mob.: +370 682 12218
Tel.: +370 5 236 3526